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April 2016 Update....

I am working my way back into writing...slowly posting my work on TWCS and I will be on here as well...

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 February 26, 2015 Update for my readers and followers of this blogger...

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I have spent endless hours on this site and it would take me far too much time to go through each blog and remove all the adult content and I honestly don't want to do that.

My readers are awesome and have proven to be faithful and support me and I thank you all for that from the bottom of my what does this all mean???

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I apologize for any inconvience this may cause and hope that you will all join me as I have begun writing again.

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An Update

To all my loyal readers....

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A/N….I know I told you all that I would include part two at the same time that I posted when I originally submitted this outtake to Mary’s cause. I am truly sorry that I don’t have that chapter written and I hope you will give some time to get that part out to you as soon as I can. For those that are not November my Jeffward passed away and it has been a real challenge to juggle work and deal with my grief let alone taking the time to focus on writing. 

I promise to work on it and get it out to you all as soon as I can. 
Thank you all again for your thoughts and well wishes and Purrward thanks you all for still loving him and this story!

And a very special thank you to my awesome Beta LostinPa who has helped me out tremendously on this outtake along with a couple of other stories that are still incomplete.


Part 1

by: RobsHandMonkey
Beta'd by the awesome LostInPa

I cannot believe I am actually going to go through with this. Marriage has never once crossed my mind unless it was someone else doing it. Now, here I am buying of all things a church.

The property and the church I have purchased will be renovated. It is located in upstate New York, about three hours out of the city. We needed to find a place that would be private from prying human eyes that would surely become of aware of our existence with the number of Vampires attending a ceremony which hasn’t happened for hundreds of years. The decision came easily since the town was abandoned for years.

The building will easily accommodate the number of guests we are inviting, this church was perfect. It is actually a large cathedral with high ornate ceilings and a vast open floor that I plan to inlay with black and white marble. By moving a few walls out of the way it will give us enough space to house the hundreds expected to turn out for this event. Vampires from all over the world will be here.

“Isn’t it fabulous?” my mother walks ahead of me, excited and thrilled by our find while she looks around the abandoned church with wide childlike eyes.

“That it could be,” I lift my head taking in the height of the ceiling, tallying up the number of windows that would need to be replaced, not to mention the retrofit that would be required to keep it standing at least for one night.

Peter pats me on the back as he joins me, nodding in understanding when I explain how important this is to me.

“I know you can do it. I have faith in you Peter. You can make shit happen that I can’t. This has to be done in time. I want to surprise her.”

“It’s doable. So long as we don’t get carried away placing special orders that will take longer than we have time to obtain and install. When you get into special orders things can take weeks or months to be made and delivered.”

“Money isn’t an object and every businessman has a price,” I remind him bringing my eyes to meet his.

“True,” he chuckles nodding. “Money talks.”

He walks down towards the altar and turns to look back at me. “So is it safe to assume you want all religious artifacts removed from the premises? No crosses, no guys wearing thorn crowns, no praying hands, does that pretty much cover it?” nodding his head to the left towards some religious artwork that still graces the dilapidated room.

I nod in agreement, “Exchanging vows in a church is the one thing I will be willing to give her that is traditional. As for the stained glass windows I will find something else to replace them with. It would mean the world to her if we have the ceremony here. That is one more thing on my list that I can happily check off. It is just a building to me, but to her it means more. I am running out of time to make sure that I fulfill every wish in that dream of hers.”

“You are actually going to go through with this harebrained idea of yours?” he shakes his head not sure if he should believe me.

“If you had the ability to look inside Charlotte’s thoughts and memories and see the dreams that she has held onto I doubt highly you would deny her anything either. How we both managed to become a couple of lovesick Vampires is beyond me, but here we are. You two should join us in this adventure, the more I think about it, the more fun it actually sounds.”

“The prom thing wasn’t enough? You are actually going to enroll both of you in high school in some little hick town and pretend to not know her when the new year starts, so that you can woo her and make her fall in love with you all over again?”

“That is exactly what I intend to do.”

“By the way, an FYI, I don’t think you can try out for the football team. It wouldn’t be fair to your competition,” he laughs.

“This is just the beginning Peter, I intend to play out every scene precisely and I know I can dazzle her all over again.”

“What is the real reason you are doing this? To get get out of a honeymoon?” he asks curiously.

“Bella lost her innocence when she was too fucking young. I want to bring a little of that back to her. I can’t change the past, but I can try to pick up right after the tragedy of losing her parents and give her the experiences of being young again. Her entire world was turned upside down. She managed to survive and live a normal life, then of all things a fucking Dominant Vampire crosses her path and becomes obsessed with her. Granted she is the one that sought out this lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean I had to give into her curiosity. The selfish son of bitch that I am, I snatched her like a monster right out of her nightmares, putting her life in danger and her well being at further risk.”

“I can’t believe you still try to take blame for that. Caius is a skeevy motherfucker. He would have never let you see the depraved and vile things he was planning for her. He is the one that kidnapped her and assaulted her. You saved her life that night,"  he argues now defending me.

“I feel responsible for allowing her to remain in the club even after I knew she shouldn’t have been there in the first place. He would have never convinced her to go with him and if I hadn’t provided a generous supply of venom to the bastard, he most likely wouldn’t have drugged her at all. I left her unprotected to be kidnapped by him! I am responsible for all of it, and, as if that wasn’t bad enough she had no idea I was also stalking her!”

“You were guarding her! You damn near got caught in the process! You are her mate and instinct controls this side of our nature. It was fate you met Bella, and once you did, you had no choice. Your situation with Bella was very similar to my own with Charlotte. We have to do what we have to do. You saved her life and she saved yours, call it even.”

“I do remember once upon a time that you stated I didn’t deserve her. I have never disagreed with you on that. I coveted the one thing I had no right to. The night I walked away from her, I was trying to do the right thing. It felt like it was the right thing morally, even though it pained me to walk away. She was human and so innocent, she had no idea of the mortal danger she was in from our kind. Walking away from her was the hardest thing I had ever done, especially knowing that she was actively seeking out a Dominant, but we were at the dance club, I would have never left her unprotected in Lovely, Dark and Deep. I have berated myself over and over about the depraved things I imagined doing to her that night. I am a deviant and my desire to Dominate a human was so foreign. Throw in that she is supposed to be my mate and although I left with good intentions, walking away left me damn near crippled.”

“If you ask me she is a magnet for trouble, she just managed to pick a vampire BDSM club to hang out in is all. That was careless on her part, but I choose to blame fate for sending of all things a vampire to take it upon himself to protect her like some guardian angel. You are a Dominant. It is in your nature to dominate and protect your submissive, especially one that is your mate as well.”

The quiet abandoned church is suddenly filled with the heavy sounds of construction boots coming in behind us. I smell the scent of his sweet human blood as he draws near and inhale while listening to his thoughts.

He is a stocky guy, dressed in jeans, construction boots, a red plaid shirt and a bright yellow hard hat. His fashion sense is questionable. He stops to take in the state of the building, surveying the time and money it will take to put into this dive, thinking that if he gets a good solid, strong and dependable crew, it may be doable, but this is going to be costly and lately times have been too rough for anyone to pay for this kind of job and pay well for it. Names are coming to mind as to who he wants for what job, the question will be, can he afford to hire them.  

“Wow,” he looks around and I can see the concern in his eyes the more he realizes how broken down the place is.

“Peter, what kind of timeframe are we looking at here?”

I speak up, making him aware of my presence. “I don’t like that look, and I have no problem reconsidering what it is I am about to offer you. I will gladly find someone else who can assure me they will be able to fulfill my requirements to make this happen. I will happily give them a large bonus if they can complete the job with time to spare.” I bring my eyes to meet with his showing him just how serious I am, and that I have every intention of getting what I want. “I don’t want to hear any thing other than “Don’t worry Mr. Cullen; I am confident that I can deliver the keys to this building completely restored within the time frame you allow.”

I don’t let my eyes wander, I am after all the one he needs to impress and any negativity will hinder this job. With what I am about to offer, he could more than supply an adequate number of people to make this happen.

Peter steps up next to me, “Don’t worry Edward, I can handle this. Mr. Robert’s this is Edward Cullen.” I nod in his direction but don’t approach him to avoid shaking his hand while Peter continues to speak.

“If Mr. Robert’s here can’t do the job with the unlimited budget he will be offered, then I will find someone who can do the job for you and do so happily,” Peter adds.

Mr. Robert’s falters a little, stuttering.

“Unlimited? Well hell, I could build Rome in a day if I were given free reign!” he throws his head back, laughing at his own joke. I chuckle to myself shaking my head.

Turning to go find my Mother, I leave these two to discuss the details that are less important to me, feeling a little more confident now that he understands my expectations.

I call back to them as I walk away, “Then make it happen. I can give you a month. Nothing more, I will be sending out invitations next week,” my voice echoing through the empty room.

I find my Mother upstairs on a balcony that overlooks the entire church, “Oh Edward, it’s going to be beautiful. Esme already has the swatches to select the fabrics for the colors you have chosen, I have hired the best wedding coordinator in New York, she has some great ideas on places to hold a reception.”

I nod taking note of things around me that I want to run by Peter. Hearing my mother’s thoughts, I turn to look at her giving her a soft smile, happy to include her in on this important event. She has learned to speak to me without using her voice after having spent a couple of days testing out my mind reading skills.

“I am really proud of you son, for doing the right thing and tying yourself to your mate. You two belong together in every way. I adore Bella, she is perfect for you.”

I watch her stare up at the broken stained glass windows. She makes an exquisite vampire. Looking at her now makes me painfully aware of just how much I missed her. I can see where my hair color comes from. Those green eyes of hers are like looking into my own human ones so long ago. I still am amazed she is here, but even more amazed with how well she has taken to becoming a vampire and this life. She is happy and deserves to be. She is the other reason I have changed my mind about marriage.

She brings me out of my musings, “Carlisle and I have been studying the Vampire archives and traditions that they participated in throughout our long history. I am so glad that you and Bella agreed to the bonding ceremony. You are going to revive Vampiric traditions that have been forgotten. It is something that any leader would do in his position. I know you don’t want to acknowledge your title to our kind but I still find it all so exciting.”

Looking at her, I can't help but smile, her piercing green eyes brighten once again. She leans in to kiss my cheek. “You remind me so much of your father when I first met him. He was just as stubborn and bullheaded as you. Edward Senior would have loved her too.”

I can’t help but agree with her. My father would have adored Bella. What is not to love about her kind, caring, albeit now very cold heart, not to mention the sweetest disposition any girl has ever had?

I made the decision without question knowing this is where I want to trade vows with the love of my life.

Three weeks later…..

I got word from Peter that the church is ready and although everyone seems to be doing their own thing in different parts of the city, I put out the call to have them all meet up here for the big reveal. More importantly it is a gift for my Angel.

Everyone had strict instructions to stop what they were doing and meet at this address when I summoned them. My timing could not be more perfect. They were all close by.

The first signs of a storm are brewing in the skies when we pull up. I climb out rushing around to open Bella’s door and watch as her face lights up when she catches the first glimpse of the golden glow illuminating the windows of the newly renovated church. It sits alongside the shore of a lake, surrounded in lush green trees swaying gently in the breeze which has just picked up. The fountain functions beautifully, as a pair of black swans float majestically side-by-side.

I watch as she scans the landscape, seeing when her eyes come to land on the white gazebo that sits at the edge of the pond. The photographer has already suggested that this spot is perfect for a few wedding photos.

“Edward!” she cries out excited. “I can’t believe this, this place looks like something out of a story book! How did you find this?”

I lean in behind her whispering in her ear. “I read minds Bella, it was quite easy. I can accomplish anything when I set my mind to it. I nabbed you didn’t I?” I reach out and snatch her pulling her back into my arms hugging her tightly, making her laugh. It is the first time she has laughed like this in months and it thrills me.

We are interrupted by the sound of several cars pulling up one after the other as our family members arrive. Mr. Robert’s exits the church to greet us. Happy with his final inspection, he doesn’t hesitate to approach me.

Not saying anything he smiles knowing damn well he just made his bonus having finished a week earlier than expected. I smile at him and allow him to shake my hand not caring about what he is going to think. He notices instantly how cold it is but quickly blows it off in his thoughts, refocusing on the list of things he needs to remind me before collecting the final payment.

“The place is all yours and like I said we can supply some portable bathrooms and place them behind a backdrop if you choose. I can’t understand why there is no plumbing needed here but it isn’t for me worry about. Here is the key; she is all yours, if you need anything else, now is the time to ask. Take a look around. Peter seemed rather pleased on his last inspection so I doubt you will find anything that needs to be taken care of. Should you have any questions, call my cell phone before morning. My foreman and the crew are still at the closest motel. I am about to take off for the Caribbean with the wife, if that is alright with you?”

He is anxious to get out of here and back to the city. The trip is a gift to his wife who has been ill and he wants to surprise her. I smile knowing that Peter has assured me there is nothing else needed, all my requests have been fulfilled. I thank him and send him on his way so that we can start to finalize the plans.

“Well shall we?” I pull Bella with me and we head for the massive mahogany doors along with my family to give my bride her wedding gift; a custom designed church where I am tying myself to my betrothed.  

Everything I asked for is complete. I supplied them with quality materials, while Peter made sure everyone that worked on this project were the best in their field.

I am not at all disappointed with the outcome and neither is Bella who has walked to the altar with my mother. She is stunning standing there, the candlelight adding to her glow. She and my mother are the only two things that mean more to me than my own life.


I sit across from my Angel watching her flip through book after book. She is clearly growing more frustrated and overwhelmed with each page she turns.

Her eyes meet with mine a couple of times and I can tell she is trying to gage my current mood, probably taking note of how patient I am. She is clearly nervous and I tap my fingers on the large mahogany desk in my office trying to retain what little patience I am holding onto with her indecision.  

“You haven’t said anything and you have been through all three books, twice,” I state, no longer able to hold my tongue. “Should I have some more books delivered?”

A scowl mars her features as she looks up at me, "Hell no, there are so many to choose from already!"

I stand up and walk around the desk to grab the book I want. I flip through the pages until I get to the one I am looking for, then, leaning over her shoulder I tap my finger pointing out the one I like.

“This one. It is elegant, classy and old fashioned like me.” I watch her lean in and look at it.

“It’s beautiful.”

“It is, but do you like it?”

She tilts her head studying it, “I do.”

“So we go with that one?”

“Sure,” she shrugs.

“Oh you have got to be kidding me!” Rosalie stands up and stomps over to stand next to Bella.

“Rose,” I can hear the warning tone in Bella’s voice.

“No. I am not going to sit back and watch him decide every little detail while you allow him! This is your wedding too! Who the hell does he think he is?” She turns her sights on me and I raise my brow at her.

“I do believe I am the one hosting this party, therefore, I have considerable say in the various details that pertain to it! After all, I am the one getting married. My opinion matters more than yours does. May I remind you of your role as just a member of the bridal party. You didn’t hear me telling you or Emmett who to invite or what color the flowers should be, and I expect the same courtesy from you, you little sheathen bitch. Now don’t you have some place else to go?” I growl, baring my fangs as my anger spikes.  

She returns with her own hiss and display of her simple little canines that fail to intimidate me at all.

I engage my double set of fangs and tower over her, backing her towards the wall emitting a deep growl from my chest in warning.

Emmett jumps up, stepping between us, “Hey, hey that is enough!”

“Control her brother!” I demand, not taking my eyes off of her, staring her down.

“I swear one of these days I am going to find an industrial size pair of pliers and yank those fuckers out,” she seethes.

I chuckle. “I would like to see you try,” I run my tongue over each fang and smirk at the envious bitch.

“Freak.” she scowls.

“Rosalie that is quite enough don’t you think?” Emmett scolds her for once, and its about fucking time too.

“You know, I have a great whipping bench we can tie her to brother, I think she could use a little discipline. Stick a ball gag in her mouth and show her how we can render her weapons useless.”

“You wish!” she hisses around my brother.

“Rose!” Bella stands up and moves between us now.

However, Rosalie ignores her and holding her arm out stiff and straight she pointed to me, as her eyes pierced into Bella. Her anger flaring, she screeched “He is not picking my dress! He isn’t even supposed to be involved in this part!”

“Edward, she is sort of right man. I mean this is a chick thing! Why do you care what they wear?” Emmett has taken sides now.

I growl under my breath and disengage my fangs. I walk over to Bella bringing my hand up to hold her cheek. I want her focus to be solely on me and what I am about to ask her. She knows what this means bringing her eyes to where they should be.

Having her full attention I ask, “Tell me Angel what it is you prefer...would you rather do this with or without me? I want you to be the one to answer.”  

“Don’t use that dominating, holier than thou bullshit here in front of all us! God if I have to hear you grant her permission to speak one more time I am going to throw up my last meal all over that ostentatious desk of yours! Edward, you are the most arrogant prick I have ever met. Could you be any more of an ass you pretentious little bitch!” Rosalie snarls.

“Rose! That is enough! Let’s go!” Emmett barks out grabbing her arm tightly and dragging her towards the door.

“You have caused enough shit, now say goodbye to Bella!” he added, his voice growing more faint the farther away he walks, pulling a protesting Rose out the door with him.

I hold Bella’s gaze, and having given her more than enough time I push further, “Well? I’m waiting for an answer.”

She knows better than this. I don’t like to be kept waiting when I ask something of her directly, and I am certain she doesn’t want me to have to remind her.

“I am not sure. I mean it’s just all so overwhelming. I don’t want to screw this up...I mean, my god Edward, I'm at a loss, several hundred guests and I worry that I will screw up. It’s just….I mean….I don't know what will be expected of me. If it were a typical wedding, I would at least know what to expect. Not knowing how this works; only leaves me even more nervous and scared the closer it gets.”

“Stop worrying about the ceremony. We have a practice scheduled and I have taken care of every detail that I don’t want to bother you with. These decisions are the easy ones.”

“I am growing more nervous,” she admits and I can’t help but adore her even more for it.

“Bella, the most important thing is that you want this, and it would be nice to know you will show up,” I tease her further.

She slaps at me making me laugh.

“I do believe the rest of the details will be handled by our overpaid wedding coordinator. It is her job to take on the responsibilities of anything we send her way. Let her take the fall for any mishaps. If she fucks up, we can always invite her over for dinner.”

“We are not killing the coordinator Edward. You know very well I dislike the flavor of redheads,” she comes back causing me to laugh.

“I have faith no detail will be forgotten, unless of course you never make a decision on what you want the girls to wear. The guys may enjoy it but I don’t think your friends will appreciate being put on display for all to see. I expect you to decide and quickly,” I demand, brushing my thumb over her cheek while I wait for an answer.

“I just don’t want to disappoint you. This crowd is more yours than mine but my biggest worry is that I don't embarrass you or your family.”

I chuckle.

“You have never embarrassed either of us and I doubt highly you ever could. You are running out of time. I told you which one I prefer, I am making an offer here to leave the choice up to you. It is a shame Rosalie isn’t here to see it, not that I care one way or another, however, it would be rather nice to rub it in her face a little,” I must admit I really rather enjoy goading that bitch. She needs to start taking human hormones or some shit to lose her inner bitch.

“Well, then you won’t mind me selecting the dresses with the girls. They are the ones that have to wear them,” she questions, hesitating.

“Fine, but make sure you don’t let them influence your final choice, if you find the one you have your heart set on, then do it. Don’t let anyone else say otherwise, especially the blonde demon from hell,” I add.  

She smiles and says,“Thank you.”

The remainder of our afternoon is spent working together on details that needed our attention. I mark each task off the checklist as we complete it. Things were going great until Esme and my mother show up. They are followed in by Eric who was carting up two large racks on wheels full of ivory and white gowns.

“What is all this?” I ask puzzled.

“Dresses silly.”

“I know what they are, I mean what the hell are you bringing them here for?”

“Bella still has to pick her dress honey,” my mother approaches me, planting a kiss on my cheek.

“There are more downstairs!” Esme adds now standing next to me, her hands placed firmly on her hips. I shake my head in disbelief.

“We will be taking care of that tomorrow, I have arranged for Bella to meet with one of the bridal consultants at a very exclusive wedding boutique in Manhattan. Our appointment is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon,” I interject.

Suddenly it is as if the entire world stopped spinning and both my mother’s eyes widen with some unknown horror based on something I just said as the air around me changes.

“EDWARD!” they both call out simultaneously.

“What?” I look at them, confused.

“You can’t be present when Bella chooses her dress! You are not supposed to see her at all the day of the ceremony! That is bad luck! This is common knowledge...the groom isn’t supposed to see the bride before they tie the knot. You get to see her when she makes her way to you at the altar.”

I sigh and shake my head. “That superstition is meant for a traditional wedding. This ceremony has to be the first of its kind.”

“He has a point,” Bella speaks up.

“Just because I am relaxing the rules for one day as her Dom, does not mean that everything else is open to negotiations. My rules haven’t been suspended completely, and we have been through this before. I make it a point to involve myself in every decision she makes. Bella’s wardrobe choices belong to me, especially on a day like this. I think this one counts more than any other,” I am met with evil glares from both of my mother’s. It is okay though, I can handle these two.

“But this is different! The groom isn’t supposed to see the bride’s dress!!” Esme scolds while shooting daggers at me.

“Bella you need to speak up. He is not allowed to have a say in this at all!” my mother moves to stand next to Bella who now looks a little more than bewildered.

“This should be a hard limit!” Esme hisses.

I quirked a brow up at her amused that she knows the BDSM term and that she used it properly. I am really quite proud of her at the moment. I snort out a hint of a laugh at the memory that is running through her thoughts. She has done her own research having known what kind of lifestyle I participate in. Her curiosity got the best of her when I told her that the night before the wedding I would be collaring Bella officially and I expected her to attend.

I glance over at Bella who gapes now at Esme. She is rendered speechless and I snicker.

“I am sorry you disagree, but as her Dominant I do not have to give in to anything I choose not to. I don’t understand why this keeps coming up. I select her clothing everyday so why would this day be different. This is a very important day, need I remind everyone, I am the one that looks at her, it is my eyes she holds. I expect my submissive to look pleasing to me at all times,” I argue, “Not to mention, Bella is very comfortable in everything I select for her and I have never heard her complain.”  

Bella finally snaps out of her trance and turns to face me, “Edward, with your permission I would like to do this. With Esme and Elizabeth's help, the three of us can select a gown for the ceremony that you will approve of. I know what you prefer and if that superstition is true then I don’t want to push my luck. I certainly don’t want to jinx this day of all days and mess with long standing traditions, even if it isn’t a traditional wedding. Better safe than sorry, right? So please Master, consider this my way of asking you.”

I stare at her a little stunned. Bella rarely calls me Master in front of family.

“That’s a girl Bella! And as for you, you need to please your submissive and  go find something else important to do. We are going to be a while!” Esme comes around and starts to shove me out the front door without giving me a chance to render my ruling.  “Unless of course you want to try a few on,” she giggles as does my mother. I look over my shoulder at Bella who is fighting her own urge to join them.

I stop in my tracks halting her, then turn back.

“You don’t really expect me to give in so easily do you?” I narrow my eyes and wait for them to answer.

“That is exactly what you are going to do!” my mother pipes up and stands in front of me pointing at the door. “Out Edward, this is one detail I am pulling rank on. When your mother tells you to do something, you damn well better do it. You will not be allowed to choose this dress, nor will you be allowed to see it or Bella before the ceremony. We will let you have her until midnight but not a moment longer.”

My eyes zero in on hers and I try to read her thoughts, searching for any hesitance at all. I come up with nothing.  

“I am willing to compromise here. I will be fine with whatever you choose for our Handfasting, however, we keep the appointment I have set up and I will choose what you wear the night before. That is MY hard limit and it is the best I can offer.”

“Well it’s better than nothing,” Esme growls and points for the door excusing me from the room.

“Edward, could you at least try not to peek. Leave something a surprise for your big day,” my mother pleads before I am out of earshot.

“I can grant you that,” I mutter walking out deciding to follow up on my plans for our honeymoon.


"What time is it?"

"Time for you to get a watch."

"No really, what time is it?"

I look over at Peter now gaping at him, "You really don't have a watch?"

"I don't like wearing them," he shrugs.

"Why have I never known this about you?"

He shrugs again, "I guess you never took the time to notice, not that I would share that quirk about me anyway. I don't tell you everything Edward."

"Why the fuck not? What do you have to hide?"

"I find them to be depressing...gloomy. Time is one thing that our kind have more than enough of. We don't really concern ourselves with what year it is anymore. It's a long life. I don’t need a watch ticking away every minute of the day on my arm to remind me."

I stare at him in disbelief wondering how he ever gets anywhere on time.

"Now are you going to tell me?"

"Tell you what?"

"What time it is?"

"Time for you to get a watch," I laugh.

"Fuck off, lets go!" he turns to leave and I stand up.

"It's not time," I chuckle.

"Its fucking close enough motherfucker, move your dapper ass!"

I stop by the mirror and take in my appearance.

"Dapper, who the fuck uses that word anymore?"

"Me motherfucker, and we better move our asses or Bella may get smart and leave before you even arrive."

"When the fuck have I ever been late to anything? I am too fucking organized to ever be late,"
I adjust my tie and run my hand through my hair opting to forgo touching it again, letting it do whatever in the hell it wants. It has a mind of its own anyway, so why bother?

"Nervous?" he asks while walking out to the car.

"I don’t do nervous Peter, I am a fucking Vampire."

He laughs, “Oh I do remember a time not so long ago you were one skittish nervous mother fucker when you couldn’t find her,” he teases.

“When Bella was human, she was like a soap bubble--fragile and ephemeral. Put her in the clutches of Caius Volturi and her chances of coming out alive were slim to none. She was my mate and I knew it was my own fault. Now do you have everything?”

“I have what I need,” he pulls out two boxes from his pocket .

“Why are you not giving her this tomorrow, during the ceremony?”

“The handfasting ceremony doesn’t include the exchange of rings, besides our hands will be bound in ribbon anyway. I rather like the idea of giving this to her tonight as well as the redesigned collar for her throat.”

We climb in the car and I start my girl Cherry right up, revving her engine. I take a moment to listen to the melody of her purring engine. I love the way my girl sounds after a tune up and having just got her back today, I shined her up like a brand new penny for this evening. Pulling out onto the highway, we head towards the club as he continues to ramble the entire drive.

When we arrive at Lovely, Dark and Deep, the parking lot is already filling with those invited to the private party and ceremony tonight. I pull up in front and park in my spot, climbing out I greet several people making small talk, but I am anxious to get inside.

As I walk through the room, I am hit with a mixture of human and vampire energy, I can sense the excitement in the air. I spot Emmett coming towards me and he falls in next to me as we make our way to my office.

I find my immediate family waiting for me inside and stop dead when I see Rosalie perched with her ass on my desk leaning back assessing her manicure.

I turn to look at my brother not saying a word knowing damn well that if he doesn’t speak up to tell her to get her vampire ass off my desk, I will remove her myself. In pieces.

“Rosalie baby, you got a deathwish or something? You are going to turn me into an old man, all grey and shit if you keep poking my brother with a stick baby,” he pulls her off and into his arms.

“I wasn’t hurting it. If anything I was dusting it off. You should be thanking me,” she scowls.

“Sheathen wench, there will never come a day when I thank you for anything, so I wouldn’t suggest holding your breath. Shouldn’t you be helping Bella?” I ask.

“With what Mr. Control freak? I can’t do a damn thing because…” she mimic’s Bella’s voice so well in a higher pitch. “...Rosalie, Edward doesn’t like my hair like that, Rosalie he wants this flavor, Rosalie I don’t think Edward would approve,” she then makes the motion with her hand as if she is forcing herself to vomit.

“Rose, you do plan on behaving during this don’t you?” my mother asks and I can hear the worry in her thoughts about how Rosalie has a tendency to come off as such a bitch.

“Mrs. Cullen, are you sure they didn’t give you the wrong baby? You know baby switching isn’t unheard of especially back in those days. I think you may have been the victim of a switch at birth and Satan took your child and left this one behind,” she flashes a strange smile, her tone is in a very un-Rosalie like perky voice that confuses me for a split second. I listen to her thoughts to assess what she is thinking. She doesn’t hate my mother, but she doesn’t particularly like her either.

I narrow my eyes at her and finally decide to go along with her childish games. I walk past my desk, turning to hide my sinister smile so she is not tipped off as to what I am about to do. Standing in front of the glass encased shelves of Vampire memorabilia I have collected over the years, I pull on the handles, yanking the damn thing open. I rifle through the contents of the vampire hunter bag, grab an ancient bottle of holy water and a wooden stake from one of the many vampire hunter kits I have on display in here. I turn around and walk back but as I make my way past my brother, who is still holding Rose bridal style, I casually toss the two items onto her lap.

“Here brother, do the vampire population a favor and undo the only mistake I will ever admit to making when I thought it was a good idea once upon a time to suck the the life out of the grease monkey you married,” I stop back by my desk and grab Bella’s bracelet and chain, along with my cuff to continue on.  

Emmett couldn’t help it and burst out laughing along with Jasper.

“Let’s go,” I stroll past everyone and head towards the club hearing snickers from others. It even got a laugh out of Rosalie.  

I make sure to find Alice and greet her with a hug as we walk back towards the main area.

“I see everything for tomorrow seems secure, now show me what I really want to see,” I ask and allow my mind to invade hers eager to watch her give me a glimpse of Bella. She is using a comb to fix the ringlets of her hair in her dressing room down the hall.

“She is surprisingly calm,”  Alice assures me.

“Let’s do this munchkin,” I rub her hair and make my way up to the platform that overlooks my club. Once I am in place everyone begins to quiet down, looking in my direction.

The last time I saw Bella was this morning when she requested she be able to handle some things she needed to take care of before this evening’s ceremony. As it is, no one will let me near her after midnight tonight, so I am anxious to get this started to spend at least a little time with my Angel before the night comes to an end.  

Although I reluctantly agreed to it, I am still having issues with her being out of my sight. I know she can take care of herself but its my job to protect her. Human or Vampire.   

I nod at Emmett giving him the signal to bring my Angel to me. Tonight we are surrounded by family, friends, and members of my club that actively participate in the activities we enjoy. I know many of them came solely out of curiosity wondering just how I intend to collar her.

I have seen a few collaring ceremonies at the club, did a little research and found that no two were exactly alike.  Me being me, I rather liked the idea that I could do this my way and make it my own.

In recent weeks my family has become more brazen about interfering in our D/s relationship.  They should know better and I am about to remind everyone by taking this opportunity to set them straight once and for all as to whom it is that Bella answers to.

Bella’s sweet scent fills my nostrils, getting stronger the closer she gets to me.

Peter stands by my side holding the items that I intend to give her tonight. Bella has been without any type of collar for just over twenty four hours now and it strikes me just how anxious that makes me. I can’t wait to get this one back on her once and for all.

Rosalie is the only vampire that sighs loudly as if she is bored and I swear one of these days I may just let her play with the side of me that wouldn’t hesitate to tear her throat out, but I know that wouldn’t sit well with either my brother or Bella.  

Bella moves with the grace of a vampire now. No longer clumsy while the skirts of her dress flutter behind her. She is so small next to my ape sized brother who I don’t even look at, allowing my eyes to devour every beautiful inch of her exposed skin. A strange rush of venom pools in my mouth just as it did when I first met her and it strikes me as odd. Focusing on the perfection of her cleavage, I am distracted from further thoughts of the leaking venom.

I prefer to have her in white most all the time and I hope they didn’t select any other color for tomorrow’s ceremony especially the way she looks tonight.

Tonight she is adorned in a silk strapless dress, the bodice molds to her tiny form, the fabric, crisscrossing her breasts is covered in crystals that are reflecting the lighting in the club. She looks stunning, angelic. The name I have chosen to call her fits her perfectly. She is glowing in the dress. If she were handed a pair of wings covered in soft down feathers, she could pass the gates of heaven.

I am the luckiest motherfucker ever and I smile at her now that she draws closer.   

Her eyes brighten, then she flashes me that perfect bashful little smile I love so well. I take a moment to close my eyes waiting for that sweet scent of hers to fill my lungs completely before she stops in front of me.  

My brother's voice breaks through the electrified air between us to remind me that we are not alone.

“Bella, are you sure you want to do this?” he asks quietly and I wonder why considering everyone in here can hear him.  Of course everyone looking on takes the bait and they all start to laugh along with him. I glare at my smart assed brother when they stop in front of me.

Bella lifts up on her toes smacking the back of my brothers head with all her vampire strength and he can’t avoid it even as he ducks. Her hand collides with his head and she shoves him aside to walks towards me leaving him behind, rubbing the back of his head.

“Dopey ass Vampire.” she mumbles as she takes her spot in front of me and I can’t help but smile down at her. Bella has one hell of a feisty nature. Not just anyone would dare to smack a vampire the size of Emmett but Bella has little fear when it comes to him.

I take Bella's hand,kissing the back of it as I lean down brushing my nose along her cheek, murmuring against her skin, “How you manage to take my breath away every time I see you still baffles me Angel, it’s as if I am seeing you for the first time all over again,” I tell her before I gracefully twirl her around as if I am dancing with her. I hold her hand and still my movement once she is facing the crowd before her.

Her scent is driving the beast in me mad. Visions of her feeding while he dances in the darkest corners of my mind. For a split second I am reminded of the human girl I watched masturbate with thoughts of me driving her to orgasm and the crystal clear memory of her glowing body,  flushed in the crimson tone that spread under her skin the closer she neared to orgasm.

Ghosting my lips over her bare shoulder moving up to nuzzle her ear, "Cue blush." Her eyes are downcast as she sighs softly.

I let my eyes move to the crowd in front of us and remain just behind her off to the side when I start to speak.

“Thank you all for coming this evening, I also want to thank you for being a part of this community. Tonight I have invited you all here to witness a rite of passage for myself and the beautiful woman who stands before you. In this lifestyle many Dominants choose to collar their submissive to show ownership and a commitment to one another during the relationship or the life of their contract, however tonight I am here to ask my beloved Bella to submit herself to me for the remainder of our lifetime in front of the community we are a part of.”

Peter brings out her collar and hands it to me, while I continue to speak to her more directly now. I bring my hand up to grip her chin and turn her head to look me in the eyes.

“Isabella, your submission is a priceless gift that you honored me with. You were a very brave girl to seek out a lifestyle you knew very little about, but you knew exactly what you were looking for. A Dominant who could train you, nurture you, care for you, challenge you and cherish you. I took my role very seriously when I made the decision to train you. You have grown into a strong woman who knows what she wants and what is expected of her.  You have embraced your submissive role and have pleased me greatly, I could not be more proud of you Angel. Tonight is not about contracts, tonight I stand before you with my solemn vow and promise to commit myself to you fully. I am honored with the the responsibility of being your Dominant making sure that your needs and desires are met, I will challenge you, taking you to new heights, pushing your limits while at the same time respecting them. I will continue to teach you while I strive to learn all that there is to know about you. I will be the one to protect and guard you from anything that could do you harm and have only your best interests at heart. I will be the one that shares my mind and body with only you and I expect the same in return,” I bring the collar up so that she can read what is inscribed on the heart that adorns it now and explain, “Angel, once I place this collar around your throat, I must warn you, it will lock into place permanently as there is no key.  Bella, I vow to love, honor and cherish you from now until forever. Do you accept my collar Angel?”

She turns to face the crowd, drops to her knees as she tilts her head to the side, offering herself to me completely.

She doesn’t hesitate when she smiles with the breathy word of “yes” rolling off her shiny, glossy lips. If I had a heartbeat it would be soaring.

I move to stand behind her and fasten it to her throat, then slide my hands over silk clad hips. Utilizing my strength and speed to overpower her, in one fast, hard movement I lift her up and pull her body back against mine and look out over the crowd just over her shoulder facing them with her.

“Tonight, you have witnessed something very sacred and personal to me, to us. Let it be known here, now and forever that this submissive is officially and solely mine for eternity. Be warned, if anyone should make any attempt to come between us in our roles, retribution will be swift and sure. Attempted subversion by encouraging her to go against either me or a rule I have set will not be tolerated. It was not long ago that I stole her soul when I created the vampire you see now. I am her maker, her mate and soon to be husband. Above all else though, I am her Dominant in this lifestyle and I don’t share, my word is law.”

I reach up around her and lift her chin to make sure they all see her collar.

“Forever Owned”.

I turn her around to face me and slide one hand up under the nape of her neck and gather a fist full of hair tightening my hold, taking pure pleasure in showing my dominance over her right here before everyone.

No one dare challenges me now.

I engage my fangs and let out a low intimidating hiss looking out over the crowd to show my dominance over all those that are attending. My eyes find my father’s and they lock in on him. His thoughts are conflicted and his curious nature wonders why it is I am the way I am. He has never been able to understand me and I never really cared to try to explain it. I had no desire to follow in his footsteps, saving a human’s life didn’t appeal to me.  I had little compassion for humans at all until Bella came along.  None of it matters to me now just as it didn’t back then and no matter what I have done in my past, my feelings only strengthen looking ahead to my future.

It is my life and I will live it as I look into Carlisle’s eyes, ignoring the concerns he has after what I have just said.

My next act he knows very well. Vampires don’t usually bite into their mate in the presence of others and tonight, I don’t care what anyone here thinks about it.

I drag my tongue along the length of her scar marking it before I allow the venom to flood my mouth. Once I lock my fangs into place I tighten my grip to hold her then swiftly sink my elongated teeth all the way into her, snarling, before I begin to drink. She doesn’t struggle, she stiffens and hisses. I flood the new wound with the burn of my venom, marking her mine.

I pull back away from her to admire my work. My deadly kiss heals her wounds instantly. I bring her lips to mine still fisting her hair to taste her sweet lips. The sound of her moan goes right to my cock, her lips now dragging along my jaw.

“I have something else for you Angel,” I murmur, as Peter drops her ring in the palm of my hand. Bella stands now at full height, “The night I asked you to marry me, you said yes, I didn’t have a ring. Our ceremony tomorrow does not involve the exchange of rings, so allow me,” I reach out and take her hand lifting it up to my lips to kiss the back of it.

We both watch as it slides onto her finger and fits perfectly, where I bring it up, staring deeply into her eyes I kiss the back of her hand once more as our guests begin to applaud us.


To be continued….

~ 2013 Robshandmonkey™

Teaser for Part 2 of Vows

“You are not allowed to make a sound Bella. Not until I render the last slap on your tight little ass, then you will plead for me to let you sate that searing burn in that throat of yours. We both know how painful it is, I will let you lay here and burn the entire time as punishment if you make one sound.”

I begin with a series of smacks alternating from cheek to cheek. Bella holds back the sounds that want to escape and she does a very good job of it. Her pussy starts to leak with each hit to her cheek and I almost want to taste her, but I can’t during a punishment like this so I hold my own desires off.

When I deliver the last smack she chimes in without hesitating. “Please Master, let me drink. I am going insane with the scent of them. This is torture and I am sorry.”

“Tell me what it is you want Angel?”

She turns to look up at me, that familiar innocent, sweet look are nowhere to be found in the face of this Angel, “Their blood on my lips.”

A Photo teaser for the wedding ceremony and a peak at what Bella has on under her wedding dress for Purrward on his wedding night…..

Chapter End Notes:
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